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What a Whirlwind!

Can I just start by saying, "Howdy!"? We are the McQueens, and we are so excited to be the new owners of Aggieland Storks and More! We have been so busy setting up and transferring everything over that I haven't sat down long enough to do a blog post. No time like the present, right?

My name is Cara McQueen, and I am a proud Aggie (Class of '06, Whoop!) and a first grade teacher at River Bend Elementary in CSISD. I am also a little bit crazy and talked my husband of 12 years, Cole (Aggie class of '07, Whoop!) into taking on this business with me! We have three awesome kiddos (Brooklyn, 10, Riley, 7, and Brenlee Jo, 5) that have already learned to be a part of our team, too! They have loved helping me pick out colors and deliver the fun to our amazing customers.

In just a short amount of time, we have been blessed to deliver LOTS of joy and smiles all over Aggieland! Let's take a look at what the month of July had in store for us!

We started off by saying Happy Birthday to sweet Kirbie! This was our VERY FIRST order, and it will always hold a special piece of our heart because of it! We hope this made her drive through parade an extra special experience!

The same week, we got to wish Aylissa a very happy 18th birthday! This fun flamingo was the perfect birthday greeting to surprise her! I mean who doesn't love seeing a flock of flamingos to celebrate you??

We got to welcome sweet Hank to the world, and I was so excited to deliver our first stork! I absolutely LOVE the fact that families get to keep these sweet little "bundles" with all of the stats on them... how perfect for a nursery!

This sweet stork and sister sign set (say that three times fast!) was ordered by a VERY excited grandmother! I had the best time playing with fonts and making these signs extra special for both kiddos! Welcome to the world, Levi, and welcome to being an amazing big sis, Lilah!

This is definitely a stork with a story! Sweet baby Jacklyn's mom contacted me to schedule a window for delivering a stork... then let me know the next day that this little girl was coming TODAY! No problem! We got everything taken care of so that all mom had to worry about was snuggling that sweet girl! Welcome to the world, Jacklyn, and welcome to being the best big brother, Barron!

Happy birthday, Ryan! Again, I had fun picking a color and font for this super fun cupcake! My own almost-11-year-old gave me the stamp of approval, and we are so glad that Ryan liked it!

These two were SUPER fun to do... partly because of the fun colors and designs, and partly because it was for a dear friend! We hope Cormac had a great 7th birthday and Madison had a great 14th birthday!

Happy birthday, Timothy! Timothy's mom won our contest for a free rental, and it came at JUST the right time! This smile absolutely melts our hearts!

The pink storks were in full flight this month! Welcome to the world, sweet Hadley! We absolutely LOVE a monogram around here, and it was the perfect touch to customize this sweet bundle!

Another pink stork flew out! Welcome to the world, Evelyn! Evelyn was welcomed by EVERYONE in the family... with two legs and four! Cody is going to be an amazing big brother, and Augen and Hazel are happy to welcome another human to the family!

Could we really be AGGIELAND Storks and More if the maroon stork didn't go out? We love everything about this sweet stork! From the monogram to the corresponding Texas A&M yard sign... it's the perfect way to welcome sweet Claire to the world!

What an AMAZING first month of business for our family! We have gotten to meet so many amazing people, and we are looking forward to continuing to deliver joy all through Aggieland! Now that we are caught up, we will be back with more updates, giveaways, and crazy stories about our family. Make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram!

See you soon!




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